Friday, June 19, 2015

The County Fair

I checked this book out at the local proud of myself!  I am probably addicted to books, so checking this out was good for multiple reasons!

Women's Bible Cafe Book Club's February selection, Katherine Valentine's (chosen for February because of her last name!) A County Fair was an enjoyable read, introducing me to characters from the previous novels in this series.  I enjoyed getting to know them, many reminding me of people I know, for I have lived in small towns similar to the one described, one where everyone knows everyone and the business of each, also. :)

I especially appreciated two quotes:

He took up the matter with the Lord, and as the Father is wont to do by way of the Holy Spirit, He sent the answer through a simple thought....this I have experienced.  Sometimes you just know you know...and you know why you know.  Love that confirmation.
The poor Lord, Father James thought.  He was always the fall guy for people's crumbled dreams.  Why did people insist on interpreting unanswered requests as God's show of indifference, when they were really His way of preventing us from settling for second best?  It had always been Father James' experience that when God closed a door it was because there was something infinitely better a little further down our spiritual path.  Few of God's children, however, had the patience or the faith to wait it this excites me, for I, too, have had a few doors shut.  Something "infinitely" better is still ahead.  Yes, that excites me just a bit!
This novel has something for everyone...romance, mystery, loss, renewal.  A bonus for those who enjoying cooking, as the blue ribbon winner's recipes' are included at the end of the novel.  Sweet!

Happy reading!

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