Friday, June 19, 2015


Nicola Keegan's Swimming was a different read.  Told in first person, this may have been the most detailed book I have ever read.  To the point that I felt tired.  Yes, this one felt a bit like work.

A first for me, the narrator is an infant in the first chapter.  Interesting.  Almost believable!

The narrator loves to swim, and the reader journeys with her from her first swim as a baby through her experiences at the Olympics.  We experience the loss of a sibling, a parent.  We experience puberty, her insecurities, her successes. In great detail.

I look forward to our discussion of this selection for our book club, to hearing the other ladies' comments.  I am a bit curious to know if this is the book she meant to choose (for there are other books by this title).  Maybe knowing who selected this one contributed to my concerns with the content, for I would never have thought she would have chosen this one due to content and language.

Happy reading!

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