Friday, June 19, 2015

Esther: It's Tough Being a Woman

For the past few months, a few ladies and I have met on a somewhat regular basis (usually weekly) for Bible study, this time focusing on Beth Moore's study of Esther.  What a time this has been!

Moore is simply gifted.  Her studies are so well researched; just a well of knowledge each member book is.  From being born for "such a time as this" to learning that God's name is never mentioned in this book of the Bible to coming to a deep understanding that He truly is all over every page, chapter, verse.

Designed as a five-day, individual study and followed by a video, this allows time for that in depth study. times I got behind!

I simply loved the affirming that we are born for the moments God is preparing us for.  Esther, an orphan, a niece...and then a queen, had to have often felt overwhelmed yet still at such peace knowing that she was doing what she had been born to accomplish.

Tonight, we begin our next Beth Moore study...Breaking Free.  Our group is growing.  May they each be blessed as I have been.

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