Friday, June 19, 2015

Small Break

I have taken a short break from my reading reviews to do a little writing.  I hope to get back to the books soon enough.

I'm sitting here with my new air conditioner (the reason for my writing more than reading) and enjoying the click of the keyboard.  Check out what I have been working on at:  It has been a bit of a sacrifice, but there are different forms of comfort.  The cost of my home comfort has been changing lanes for a brief while.

Stick with me.  I hope to be back on course soon.

In the mean time - Enjoy your reading!

I'll enjoy my home air conditioning.

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  1. With the exception of this post, all the previous ones belong to me.

    I used to have this URL...changed my to Please go there to compare all the rest of these posts.

    This person has stolen my posts.

    Please remove my posts from this site.

    I have reported this blog to Google.