Saturday, August 13, 2011

41-42: James Patterson and Neil White

Product Details41:  The 9th Judgement by James Patterson

I waited long for the next installment in this series The Women's Murder Club.  James Patterson writes with a powerful voice and with gruesome detail.

If read Patterson, then will enjoy this one...but first read the other eight in the series!

Product Details42:  In the Sanctuary of Outcasts by Neil White

This one I read for the local ladies book club that I have yet to attend...actually, this is the second novel I have read for that book club!  Maybe third time will be charm!

This memoir is outstanding!  It relates the narrative of Neil White's year spent in a federal prison, which also housed the last people in the United States suffering from leprosy.  Really!  I found that hard to believe also!

This is one of those books you read...and immediately think, "I need to re-read that novel one day."  Felt the same way about The Shack and The Harry Potter Series.

What I appreciated most, the true message of the memoir for me, was the change that occurred with Neil White, as he learned what he truly valued in life.

Yes, another good read!

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